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Charcoal Chicken Rotisserie

Product Code: CCR1


Sharpline Charcoal Chicken Rotisseries are designed to cook chickens that retain their juices, whilst imparting the aroma and taste of charcoal cooking.
Features of the Rotisserie include:

  • A stainless steel charcoal cooking pit that has a surface of heat resistant cement to maximise heat transfer.
  • Supplied with 12 spit rods, plus 7 centre and 2 end skewers per rod.
  • Will cook 7 chickens (size 14/15) per spit or 8 chickens (size 11/12) per spit.
  • The Rotisserie is mounted on castors, enabling it to be moved for cleaning.
  • Storage cupboard, with sliding doors.
  • Supplied with a rake, charcoal masher and poker.
  • Electrical requirement: Cable and plug supplied for connection to standard 10-amp power supply.

Additional Information: Product Information Sheet (PDF)

$8668.00(inc GST)

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Charcoal Chicken Rotisserie

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