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Commercial Dishwasher Model SSS-750

Product Code: SSS-750


The Sharpline SSS-750 is a fully automatic dishwasher, washing up to 750 plates per hour. Features of the SSS-750 include:

  • Four wash programs - 60,80, or 120 seconds that include a 10 second rinse. There is also a manual wash cycle that is ideal for washing utensils.
  • A large door opening enables the machine to wash large plates.
  • Counter balanced spring-loaded hood, which makes the machine easy to open and close.
  • A safety switch instantly stops the machine if accidentally opened.
  • Rinse temperature thermostatically controlled to 82oC.
  • The two-pump system ensures constant pressure during the wash and rinse cycles, regardless of mains water pressure.
  • Water consumption is approximately 3.5 litres per cycle.
  • The SSS-750 can be easily installed in a pass-through or corner operation.
  • Electrical rating: Three phase machine total load 5.6 kW (10 amps per phase)
  • Electrical rating: Single phase machine total load 4.8 kW, 20 amps.
  • Height: 1425mm
  • Width: 590mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Est. Weight 80kg

Additional Information: Product Information Sheet (PDF)

$5650.70(inc GST)

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Commercial Dishwasher Model SSS-750

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